just a week in mid-July

And the most amazing bowls ever. Anyone recognize these? My mom has these and I've always dreamed of owning some myself. Wouldn't you know, I found them at the thrift store Saturday. They were just sitting on the shelf! Marvelous!
Some new books...
Zoe's first t-shirt. "Major Attitude." So fitting for her. She was not too fond of it though. She kept trying to bite it then she'd get a hold of the arm and it'd make her fall over. It was sooo funny to watch!
Coworker Kimberly's wedding. She looked stunning. It was a beautiful, very touching wedding. I love wedding season!!! 
My very first watermelon cutting! Now I know why people always refer to watermelon as juicy. Talk about messy!
Delicious berries. So delightful :)

We're Ohio-bound tomorrow after work. Soooo excited for Jon and Kate's wedding. And of course seeing lots of wonderful friends. :)

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  1. I wish I was going Ohio too! I was invited but am unable to attend because it was either Jon & Kate's wedding or Ryan and Kara's so I chose Ryan and Kara's. If you see a photobook at the reception of Jon & Kate that has pictures with cool backgrounds and awesome quotes, let me know. I'll be seeing you in October! By the way my Mom has bowls similar to the ones you just bought isn't that funny.