trust. again?

*originally posted june 18th, 2009*

Why do I feel like so many of my posts are about trust? I guess it’s really been a theme of my life this past year or so. Learning to trust God no matter what the circumstances and know that He is way bigger than me and sees my life as a whole and has it all worked out! *easier said than done, huh?* I guess I won’t really go into any other details, but God is really teaching me to be reliant upon him.
So quick story….Chris was driving the Buick to the Y earlier this week and one of the front tires blew out. Ugh. Luckily he was close to my work, so he was able to take our Civic home. But then when he came back to pick me up and attempted to change the tire? Yeah, the jack broke. The car slammed to the ground. PTL he wasn’t underneath of it because he would have been crushed. We’re talking a ‘92 Buick LaSabre, American steel, people! I guess it’s kind of our fault. The tires were due to be replaced, oh, maybe a year ago?!?!?! Other than that (and the broken AC with summer fast approaching here), the car is in really great shape. But again, another way we’re trusting God to lead us.
Zoe seems to be so hit/miss with this potty thing. She pooped in her crate twice last night. Twice. On two separate occasions. How does that happen? And she cried last night. She’d been doing better since when we first got her (when she would cry for about 3 hours. Nonstop.) But I’ve kept quiet the last few nights and not commented on how well she’s doing. I didn’t want to jinx it, ya know? But I opened my mouth last night. I said how good she was doing. Then the crying began. Funny, right? UGH! I just have to keep telling myself what good training this is for a kid. Chris and I keep joking about taking Zoe back to Pam and Justin’s (the breeder). Haha. But you don’t really have that option with a kid, considering you are the breeder. *grin*
Well here’s another picture of the little stinker, just cuz she’s so stinkin cute.


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