weekend projects

ya'll, i am so excited about how this table turned out. i wanted to paint it simply because i hated it and thought that at least a coat of paint would do. i didn't really take a proper before photo, since i had already taken the glass out and the knobs off, but here's the jist of what it was before:

and here it is after!!! i love love love it! i always thought i hated the knobs (well, handles, i guess) but i love them up against the black. and i simply covered the glass pieces with fabric from a skirt i got at the thrift store.
and i used the rest of the fabric to make this pillow. haha! it'll do for now. :) :)

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  1. I love that you moved your blog to blogspot! I need to redo my entire page and make it more my own, maybe I'll do that tonight after work. Love the pics, can't wait to see your haircut!