Project 31: Day 15

I know, it's been a while, and most people that were participating in this project are probably long finished by now. But I shall continue! :) (ps- Mandy had her baby....sweet Lily!)

Day 15. Write to encourage a friend. Inspire her beauty.

My dear friend, Chelsea. You are beautiful to me, inside and out. It's hard to believe we've been friends for almost 10 years now. But it's true.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you are living back in town and that we are able to be in community with each other once again. Your love and passion for the Lord is amazing. I see your desire to serve Him—even when it’s difficult—and that is so inspiring. I know you’ve not even been married a year yet, but the way you support and love your husband is so admirable.

Keep loving Him, Chelsea, and know how beautiful you are!! :) .project31.

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  1. and that's the truth, son! glad you're still doing the project. love you both!