Dear Coffee- I love you and I hate you. I have a feeling it will always be this way. Right now I love you, and thank you for your existence. I go in such spurts with my coffee drinking. I try to give it up because I don’t want to be dependent on something so powerful as caffeine. Caffeine headaches are the worst. They always make me feel like somebody is just squeezing my brain as tight and as hard as they can. Ouch.
I try to give it up because every now and then I’ll get convicted and feel like it’s a luxury. You see, I’m a coffee snob. I like good coffee. Folgers and Maxwell house don’t really cut it for me. I also like cream in my coffee. Ok, well let’s be honest…I like coffee in my cream. Chris says I’m not addicted to the coffee but the sugary stuff I put in my coffee. Well ya know what? Who cares! I like to enjoy my coffee.

.the perfect morning.
About a year ago I had this random bought of not wanting anything to do with coffee. I actually thought I was pregnant and it was a food aversion. (obviously, I wasn’t) But I wasn’t going to force myself to drink coffee. I put up with the headaches and even wasted several pots because I would make some and try to drink it but I just couldn’t. After that I decided I would only drink coffee if I was going to enjoy it.
Let me be honest, again. There is just something about a cup of coffee and good conversation with a friend. I love that. It is music to my soul. It is one of those things that I would rather do than just about anything else on a Friday night. Forget the movies, forget the shopping mall, forget eating at a fancy restaurant…give me coffee and a friend.

.let's enjoy coffee here.

One quick story….
My mom l o v e s coffee. I mean l o v e s. One time, not too long ago, my cousins and I were playing catch phrase. It was my little cousin Jared’s turn. He took one look at the word and exclaimed, “Oh! Aunt Renae drinks like, five cups of this a day!” the word was coffee. *grin* I love you, Mom. (ps- let’s use our friendship mugs for tomorrow morning’s coffee, and then we can think of each other and it’ll be like we’re sharing a pot together, sound good?)

And finally, I must share my newest love—Coffeemate’s Coconut Crème Creamer. Oh my lanta. You should know, I do not, repeat—do not like coconut. Honestly, I don’t really like anything coconut. But I saw this on a blog not long ago and thought I would give it a whirl. Heck, it’s only $2.50 and you only live once. I seriously think this is my new favorite. It’s no joke, my friends, the stuff is delicious. If you don’t want to buy a whole container of it, please drive to my house and we can have coffee and good conversation and you can try my newest love.
Anyone up for that?? Great. Can't wait to see you :)

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  1. Amy.

    I miss you.

    this reminds me of drinking coffee with you at your place in Green Hills, and me squirting creamer ALL over YOU! ha!! Do you remember that?!

    and p.s. I must say, I don't like cocnut, but i love that creamer too!!


  2. Oh girl you know I'd be up for it...if I wasn't so far away!

  3. aww! yes this is why you are my best friend. i could not agree more my friend... except for the creamer part. BLACK, please! mmmmmmmmmm. http://madcapcoffee.myshopify.com/collections/all

    best. coffee. ever.

  4. I'm with you on the creamer Amers! I can't do my coffee black...does that make me a coffee racist?!

  5. Maybe the coffee is a heredity thing.....feel free to blame it on me ;-) I'm not addicted to caffeine....I love decaf just as much as the leaded stuff! Unfortunately.... I don't have my friendship mug with me.....but will soon :-) Let's plan to be drinking coffee next time we chat on the phone!
    Love ya my Sweetie!!!

  6. Ok I swear we are lost sisters! Haha I looove coffee and have to have creamer in it too. I def want to try the coconut kind now! I was on a vanilla kick and lately been splashing the Peppermint Mocha in (um, yum!). Heading out to buy your kind now (:

    PS I'm gonna email you back soon! (: