some new things.

just thought I'd share a few new things real quick...

grass i won at our church auction. they're in chalkboard clay pots, how awesome?!

pyrex score thrifting last weekend. what a beauty!

cabinet makeover! it's amazing what scrapbook paper and a little ModPodge can do...

a close up.

that's it for now! Back to some late night crafting!


  1. Girl you put me to shame when it comes to decorating and crafting. Awesome finds and creations.

  2. Ohhhh, love the dish you found! I havent' been able to find that color yet!!! Lucky lady you are :)

  3. Well..... now that little cabinet has some personality! It's beautiful!! Love you!! :-)

  4. When Jimmy and I get a house (which should be in the near future) I would LOVE for you to come over and help me decorate!

  5. I love you, Amy! And those pots of grass, too :) At least someone gets it! It brightened my morning when I opened your blog.