My armpits: up close and personal

A warning to ya’ll as we get started…this may be more information than you care to know about me. but that’s ok. I’m excited about it, so I want to share. If you want to skip this post, that’s fine. I won’t be offended *grin*

Honestly, you may have been more offended in the past by the wretched smell coming from beneath my arms…an area otherwise known as the armpit.
Yuck. How nasty is that? We call it a pit. Gross. Anyway, onto my point. I’m a stinky girl. I have stinky feet, stinky breath, and I don’t even have to work up a sweat to produce a stink under my arms. Until recently, that is. Are you ready for this? No really, are you ready??? I’ve made my own deodorant. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it works better than anything I have ever used in my life. And that includes men’s deodorant.

Here’s the thing. Store bought deodorant contains aluminum. I won’t go into all the details, cuz A- I’m not a scientist, and B- it’s enough for me to just know that it’s not a good thing for our bodies. So my homemade deodorant contains no harmful ingredients. It’s all natural. Ha. I love it.

Second. It’s cheaper. I haven’t calculated the exact dollar amounts, but I know it’s gotta be, unless you’re like my dear friend Chelsea, who rocks at couponing and probably gets hers for free. But quite honestly, the most important factor for me is that I totally don’t stink anymore. Mom and husband can attest to that, as they have so graciously brought their nose closer to my underarm than I’m sure they ever wanted to. (thanks guys!) Seriously. It’s so great. And I’m so pleased. 

So here it is. I’ll share it with ya’ll cuz I could not possibly keep such a wonderful thing to myself! For those of you brave enough to try it, please let me know what you think! I got my recipe from Lindsay over at Passionate Homemaking

¼ cup baking soda 
¼ cup arrowroot powder (I found mine at whole foods) 
6-8 Tbsp coconut oil (again, at whole foods, although they had one option at walmart) 

Ps on the coconut oil…do you even know all the wonderful benefits of this stuff? I’ve barely tapped into all of them, but see Lindsay’s awesome list for more on that… And that’s it! mix it all together and just spread a little bit on each day. Wonderfully frugal, natural, homemade deodorant.

can you tell how happy i am? haha...


  1. Oh the Lord does answer prayers :) J/k I've always loved you and your special Aroma! I miss you and your hubby (aka my best friend). Thanks for your prayers and those letters are such an encouragement. You two are really too good to me!! much love.

  2. so in my o-chem class today, i thought of you because we were learning about the by-product of what the bacteria makes-it is what makes our arm pits smell. then we learned all about anti-perspirants and deoderants. and we also learned that aluminum is controversial because it has been linked to causing alzheimer's disease. i can draw out the chemical structure and reactions that occur for you the next time i see you! haha. speaking of nerds....