dollars, that is. for this whole patio set. thanks be to my mom, who very may well be the most excellent garage-saler I know. 

early saturday morning, mom and i ventured out to a church rummage sale. in search of a parking spot, we followed two people two different times to their cars, only to find they were simply putting things in their car and going back for more.  *whoa* we said to ourselves. this must be pretty great.

this was the first thing we spotted. and after seeing the price, mom plopped her heine down to claim them while i searched out a worker and put my money in his hands. 


and i present, our new patio set. unfortunately, the beautiful vintage fabric is extremely worn, so i'll need to recover them in time.

here's a peek at my temporary fix. i'm in love with the bright colors! *grin*

my full patio makeover to come! woo hoo!

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