my dreadlock journey

that’s right, dreadlocks. and this is the start of my journey. I’m not really sure how long it will be, but for this time of my life, it is right. it is a journey because it is a process. they don’t just happen in the few hours it took to backcomb, or even over a few days. I’m not really sure how long it will take my hair to ‘lock up’, but i’m assuming it will take a good bit of patience. and i could definitely use that, don’t cha think? *grin*

So why did I get dreads?
Easy answer: I like the way they look.
Slightly more complicated, but perhaps more noteworthy answer: I’ve felt a driving force in my life recently to simplify. We as a nation, a people, even right down to me and Chris are so incredibly blessed beyond imagination. And I am so grateful, but I’ve just felt the need to simplify. To get rid of the extra things that could sometimes be called clutter. Quite honestly,this should be a whole nother blog post, which maybe I’ll get around to sometime. But for now, my dreads and why they are simple...Well, the maintenance at the beginning might be a bit more than I’m used to, but this is an in-for-the-long-haul type of deal. Eventually, I’ll be able to get to the point where my hair maintenance is virtually nothing. It will be a glorious day. And it will be simple.

I’ll be keeping track of my journey here, so feel free to check back to see the progress.

If you have any questions at all, please just ask. I’m happy to answer any questions brewing in your mind :) :)

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  1. yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! love it. and the simplicity. simply beautiful.