Coffee Date Dress

yet another dress refashion from the goodwill...
I bought this a while back, loved the color, loved the fabric, and knew I'd find something just right to make with it.

yikes that picture is scary. if you'll notice the bottom...I threw it in the washer and dryer (apparently it was lay flat to dry) and the dress shrunk but the lining didn't. perfect though, cuz now I can just wash it normally :)

I followed this idea, but not the exact pattern. I'm pretty pleased with the results! A perfect summer dress!

a close up of the front.


  1. Wow! Awesome dress refurbishment. Are you really as tall as you look in that first picture?

  2. Amy,

    you are so creative!
    I wish so badly we lived close and could do this stuff together, as I too am way wanting to get into this!

    miss and love you guys!

  3. Cute dress and skirt, my sweetie!! Love you!!!
    p.s. also love the "sad look" in the original pics! lol

  4. Um could you please come to my house and refashion my clothes too? You are so creative!! Love it!! (:

  5. no way! Amy that is amazing!! btw- just finally got to checking out your blog- love it!