after chris's t-shirt re-vamp, I started thinking of other ways I could add a little pizzaz to a plain shirt. this was the first idea that came to mind for my brother: tetris. we used to play this game on our individual game boys for hours on end. i wish i had a picture scanned in that my mom has of us huddled under a light while intensely playing this game (guess the screens weren't bright enough?) anyway, much to my pleasure, i found out that my brother still plays this game, nearly every day. *grin*

happy birthday brother. i love you.

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  1. oh my gosh!!! amy you are sooo sooo creative!!!! could i steal your oh-io idea for some chirstmas gifts??? what kind of fabric are you using for these things? just cotton or anything? you are sooo good, girl!!

    p.s. just so you know... i've been practicing maybe baby things... *cough* i really like to give the stuff away!