Update: The Stink

Or lack of the stink *grin* Remember last year when I bared my soul to ya'll about my smelliness? Here is a refresher. To recap: Last May, I made my own deoderant using all natural ingredients, for a fraction of the cost what you'd buy in the store.

Well, I'm pleased to say that it has been almost a year, and I just made my second batch. This is taking into account that I've given away several samples to friends; so there's a chance it could have lasted an entire year.

So, my update? I love it more now than I did then. I've made it through all the major seasons--including summer--and yes, it still works better than any store-bought deoderant I've ever used. In fact, I've noticed that over time, I've had to apply it less and less. Meaning once every couple of days (maybe even every three days!). I'm guessing it's that my body is now free of the toxins in store-bought deoderant that supposedly make one less stinky; but for me, "regular" deoderant definitely made my stink linger (which makes you think you need more deoderant, so you apply it again, using more, buying more....see how this sick cycle works?!?!)

Anyway, I love it. I'll preach it 'till I die. And to make it easier for you, here's the recipe again:
¼ cup baking soda
¼ cup arrowroot powder
6-8 Tbsp coconut oil (I think I used 7)

(and here is Lindsay's awesome post about it.....her website is great too, so make sure to browse around!) (She also addresses how to adjust the recipe if this irritates your underarms at all. I've never had this issue, but I know everyone's body make-up is different...so check our her FAQs!)

PS- I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries by sharing this, but let it be known that Chris has not used deoderant (not even my homemade kind...none) for maybe 6 months? He's not exactly sure how long it's been, but definitely at least that long. And (!) he works out every day. AND (!!) he doesn't stink. I'm so serious. I'm pretty sure that just further proves the point that when our bodies can detox and return to their natural state, we will come to find that many things that society/the media tells us we need, we really don't. :) :)


  1. Do you NEED to have arrowroot powder? I can't find any anywhere. Can I just double up on the baking soda?


    1. I found my arrowroot powder at Whole Foods. You could also use cornstarch, although it may cause some irritation. Arrowroot is a bit gentler. From my understanding, the cornstarch/arrowroot act as a drying/antiperspirant, so you could technically just use the baking soda and that would help with the odor only. Hope that helps!