28 weeks, sugar test, and Chris' ipod

Well hello friends! It's been a while, I know. Truth be told, I do a lot of my posting at work, and google documents (where I store a lot of my blog info) has not been working for some reason! bummer!

So here's just a quick update in regards to my belly. My, has it grown....


Baby girl.....in my belly!

I think those pictures were actually last week, so 27 weeks, but there's really not much of a difference.

As we speak (ok, well, as I type), I am enjoying this delicious fruit punch drink from my doctor. It's full of sugar, and then they're going to test me for gestational diabetes. Does anyone else think that is just totally whack? Guess I just don't know the science behind it. Anyway, it's really not as bad as everyone says it is. Maybe I just picked the right flavor, I don't know!

See? I'm enjoying it :)

Oh, before I forget, I've been meaning to share the wrap up to Chris' birthday ipod. Remember this? I guess in some of their correspondence, Chris mentioned something about sending us some sunshine from Hawaii--that's where she was located, and I'm pretty sure the heavens were dumping snow on us at that time. Anyway, did end up shipping the correct dock, along with this:

How sweet is that!? A simple gesture that for us Ohioans put a huge smile on our faces :)

Hope your day is filled with a whole lot of sunshine!!


  1. Awesome blog amy!!!! I shall be posting soon too...I hope.

  2. ahhhh your belly!!!! :)