his birthday

So Chris turned 25 the day after Christmas. Somewhat unfortunate timing, as it is every year. We always end up celebrating at least a couple of weeks later. Bummer, but he says he doesn't mind.

I was pretty excited to give him his gifts this year. I knew he'd really like them and it'd make him feel pretty special. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned....

This tshirt from Jeni's ice cream is about the only thing that went right....here's the birthday boy sporting his new shirt with his ice cream. Shirt reads "The Dairy Heir."

and Zoe....seems like she knew just what to do with the tshirt.

Next, I got him a new pair of loafers. See how excited he was?

Two things: for one, they didn't have his size, so I knew we'd have to take them back to a different store and exchange. No big deal. Second, too bad I didn't realize it's the dead of winter, snow and slush and ick on the ground, so he's still sporting his old loafers (which, mind you, have a hole in the side of them). But at least I know he loves loafers, and maybe some day these will wear out in the same fashion.

I can't really tell you how long Chris has been talking about an ipod shuffle. It's been a long time. So me, being the good little wifey that I am (just a joke), made this his final birthday present. Little did I know that our computer doesn't have the correct operating system to download itunes 10.0 which is the ONLY version compatable with this ipod. UGH. Thankfully, Wal-Mart refunded our money no problem, and Chris was able to find an older generation off ebay and save us ten bucks.

It would be so awesome if the story ended there. But when he got his ipod in the mail and plugged it in, we discovered the plug was just some generic plug that wasn't from apple and didn't work with the ipod. double UGH. So I guess the story isn't over, because he still hasn't received the new one, but the seller is making it right and supposedly shipping us the correct plug. Poor Chris has been waiting so long to workout with his ipod shuffle, and now he has to wait even longer.

So that's my super-awesome-I-love-my-husband-but-I ruined-his-birthday-story. :) Happy quarter of a century, Chris! I love you!


  1. hey you tried that's what counts and Chris looks pretty happy.

  2. first off, the shirt is hilarious!! second off, you are seriously the cutest wifey ever. i wish i got paul good gifts like that. i always tell him what he's getting before he gets it. haha!