Task two: Christmas gifts.

My next goal is to have 80% of my Christmas gifts completed by the time baby comes (that’s supposedly in May). I’ve told a couple of people this and been laughed at as well as encouraged. (the laughing just spurs me on, people!! I’ll show you!!!! haha…)

But honestly, this last Christmas season was pretty stressful for me, and I don’t really want to repeat that, especially with a new baby! So I’ve set a goal. I know it’s high. I honestly have no idea if I’ll reach it. But I’m surely going to strive for it.

So how am I doing this? What steps am I taking?

I am crocheting. A lot. I love crocheting because it’s one of those crafts you can take anywhere, pick up and do a couple of stitches and then put it down. I’ve even crocheted at stop lights. Eek! I’m not quite that desperate right now, but I am taking advantage of my lunch breaks at work. So, many gifts this year will be made of yarn!

yarn pretties to feast your eyes upon: (not mine; images found via google search)

A friend and I have decided to have monthly craft days where we get together and work on Christmas presents for a Saturday. I’m hoping to save some of my bigger projects for these days. I’m really excited about this and am hopeful that it can become somewhat of a tradition! :)

Basically I’m just trying to really think ahead. Planning and doing is pretty important here. So who knows what’ll happen, but I sure can try. Anyone think I’m nuts??!?!

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  1. i wanna come on saturdays! i'm right with you friend, i was trying to think on a christmas gift i could make today, but i just can't make myself do anything cuz i'm sooo tired.