how we found out about .her.

Our ultrasound appointment was scheduled for a Friday, which was perfect for our plan. We took an envelope with us to the appointment that had a card inside. On the front of the car, it said "it's a...." and then on the inside, there was a place to check boy and a place to check girl. We wanted to technician to keep it a secret from us and just write on the envelope whether our little person was a he or she.

So we went out to our favorite restaurant, J. Alexanders.

Can you believe we held on to that dang envelope until we were almost through with our appetizers?

He was teasing in this picture, about to open the card. He actually came around and sat in the bench by me and we opened it together. Here's what we saw.....

One of the first things Chris said after we opened the card was that there will be no drama in our house, and that needs to start now. HAHA. Does he even know me? *just kidding.....

Yah! So excited about our baby girl!!


  1. Congratulations!! A baby girl, how amazing:) Have an amazing pregnancy!

  2. that is sooo sweet how you decided to find out in the card! LOVE it!!