the cutest clothes in the world.

i couldn't help but begin searching for teeny little clothes when we found out we were having a little girl. of course, i've always kept my eyes peeled, but now that it's a reality!?! the clothes can be mine! (ok, well, hers). just wanted to share a compilation of some of my faves that i've found so far. enjoy! :)

I may have to try my hand at some of these adorable dresses by Rachel. smile&wave.

how sweet is little Miss Everly. I just looove her outfit here. dear baby.

how amazing is this onesie?! here.

old navy's adorable collection.....

and gapbaby.....

ugh!! Can you tell that I am super excited to dress this baby girl!?! We need to start clearing out closet space right now! :) :)


  1. girl clothes are definitely sooo much cuter and more abundant then boy clothes thats FOR SURE!

    your girly is gonna be adorable! do you guys have names? Are they secret?

  2. Love the outfits. Baby girl is going to put us all to shame with her stylish duds and fashion sense (ok mommy's fashion sense). Getting so excited for you, let me know when you register I need to spoil this girl!

  3. Lauren- we're tossing names around, but we'll probably wait until she's born to name her :)
    Brit- stylish duds, haha. love it.