Project 31: Day 2

Day 2. What makes you uniquely you?

I’m finally moving on to question number two! I’ve been stirring on this one for a couple of days and to be honest, it’s been pretty tough because I don’t see all that much about myself that is unique. Thus, I resorted to asking the husband late last night as we were falling asleep.

“What’s unique about you is that you have one side of you that is super friendly, loving, and caring toward other people. But then another side of you is fiery, bold, and sometimes a little bit stubborn.” It’s true. Somehow, these two different sides of me merge into one being, and make for a unique me.

Besides this phenomenon, I’d have to say that the rest of what makes me unique is the random combination of my personality traits, characteristics, hobbies, values, and life circumstances. Hopefully the rest of this project may reveal more of some of those.

peace and love, my friends :)


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  1. I agree with Christopher. In addition......I love your heart for Jesus! Because of the combination of your friendliness and bubbly personality AND boldness......when that is combined with your love and passion for Jesus! Wow! What a vessel for our Lord!! That IS the bottom line.