a new year.

bowling the day after Christmas.

New Year's was great. I took zero pictures the whole night. Not sure why…I guess I was just enjoying the moments with some of my bestest friends. It was truly spectacular. We had delicious food, played fun games, and of course had wonderful conversation. But my favorite part of the whole evening was the first hour of the new year. Sitting in a circle, a friend led us in worship to the Throne. We then took turns sharing what the Lord has taught us this past year. Then we prayed and sang some more. I just couldn’t help but think two things. . .

First, this is the Church. The body of Christ. A group of believers coming together worshipping and communing with our Lord. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that church is confined to a specific building on Sunday morning at 10:30. What we experienced that night….THAT was church. And I have a feeling Jesus was looking down and smiling upon His children.

And second, what a beautiful way to start the new year. It was perfectly in line with our purpose…Chris and I made some resolutions a few days ago. It’s actually a whole word document covering various aspects of life and our goals/aspirations for each area. But at the very top of our list we define our ultimate purpose:

to reflect Christ in every area of life; to acknowledge our dependence on the Lord each and every day in dying to ourselves; to live with an eternal mindset, bringing glory to God in all we do.

Nothing like starting the New Year off right, huh? *grin*

The next few days I want to share with you all a few of my random goals for the new year. Please share yours, if you’d like!


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