Task three: eating healthy

This is an on-going goal, not only for me and Chris, but I’m sure most of you as well! Why is it such a hard goal to achieve 100%?? I believe a big part of it is discipline. Isn’t that like anything else in life? Well, for us, time is a huge factor. With both of our busy schedules (which don’t exactly synch up, if you didn’t know that) it is a great challenge for us to find the time to prepare food. Simply put, healthy food takes more time to prepare than processed food. But we both believe that it needs to be a priority in our lives.

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I don’t know what your food journey has been like, but I know that in mine, the times that I am eating the most healthy (lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc), I truly feel the best. Simply put, processed food makes me feel like crap. Which is a really good thing! I’m really glad that my body can tell a difference between the fuel that I am providing it and the fake-o stuff I sometimes indulge in.

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So what's the plan?!?!

First off, make the time. This will be hard the next couple of months, but I'm hoping that once the baby comes and I'm able to stay at home, I can dedicate some serious time to getting our eating on track.

Second, portion control. Chris and I do ok with this at home. We've started eating our dinner off of a small salad plate--it's almost like a mind game. The more full your plate is, the more full your belly will be (when in all actuality, it's all your belly really needs). Where we still struggle with this and need discipline is eating out. We are going to try to share more and/or help each other stop eating and have leftovers for the next day.

We don't really have other concrete plans other than to just up our fruit and veggie intake. What's difficult about goals like this is that in order for it to be something that sticks and becomes a lifestyle, it has to be attainable. that's what we're aiming for :)


  1. So proud of you for doing this! I'm hoping that once I get a more consistent schedule instead of my work/class schedule varying everyday I will be able to have more discipline. Right now sometimes I work from 5-9 at night and then other days I get home at 5:30 or even earlier so it's hard to maintain a disciplined eating/cooking schedule. Give baby girl my hellos, she can hear you I'm sure!

  2. that's awesome amy. I so long for this. It's so hard right now in my 1st trimester and with being sick..all healthy food seriously makes me want to vomit...ick. I'm hoping once that fades out (hopefully sooner then later) i can be more healthy then i am now...

  3. Lauren- I am so with you! My new first trimester rule is going to be- eat what you CAN! it was super hard for me, too. when are you into the second trimester? hope you start feeling better!