The last couple of Saturdays, we have somewhat started a donut tradition (I know, I know, really helping us with our eating goals, right?) Chris has been seeking out random hole-in-the-wall donut places around Columbus, and we’ve been trying them out!

A whole dozen. Why is this necessary? I guess to try out all the different kinds and compare… who knows why else TWO people need TWELVE donuts.

my donut lover....

So if you're in the area some Saturday, stop on by! I'm sure we'll have more than enough breakfast for everyone. *grin*


  1. yummmm you just made me very hungry!

  2. Omigosh I've been craaaaaaaving donuts during the pregnancy SOOO much!!! PLEASE can I come over?!?! (; hahaha Although...I don't think a dozen would be enough for me.


    Those look so good! And you are so cute in the pix below - love the outfit!!