Today I am thankful for examples.

Let me explain. (I'm about to get a little real here, if that's alright.)

.me grabbing a cup of coffee so I can share with you.

Sometimes, I can be really (really really) hard on myself. This comes out in various areas of my life, but today it's about my looks.

My hair isn't good enough.
My outfit doesn't look right.
I have a huge zit on my face.
My fingernails are disgusting.

What horrible, negative self-talk.

I have a friend who has shared with me before how her mom talks about herself and how badly it hurts my friend to hear that from her mom (when said mom is beautiful!)

Hearing my friend's story has totally put things into perspective for me.

My daughter is beautiful--perfect to me in every way. And the last thing I want is for her to hear me talking negatively about myself and to learn that that's how we women talk to ourselves. I've found myself biting my tongue a lot more when I'm tempted to say these things outloud. It's something I don't want her to see. At least not from me.

I am thankful for my friend's example to me, and for the example I am able to set for my daughter.

Baby girl, we are perfectly made in HIS image.

He is ENTHRALLED by our beauty.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.


  1. this is wonderful.... good for you! :)

    those pictures of you and your baby girl are precious!

  2. This post made me tear up. What a great reminder.

    love it amy!

  3. what conviction! beautifully said. thank you amy. i needed to hear this today. so true!

  4. this just put a huge smile on my face thinking about how lucky little Molly is! you are so beautiful Amy! And I agree...Molly is absolutely perfect! Thanks for this reminder too- definitely was feeling like this today, and maybe almost every other day. I've got some work to do here :o)

  5. Love this post Amy. You have such a special and beautiful heart and spirit that I admire so much! Miss Molly is so blessed to have you as her mama! Love you b-e-a-u-tiful girl!