Friday Highs.v13

It's been quite a week. Some ups and some downs. Some nice weather, and some not so nice weather (dang, wind!). I've been a little disconnected here and there, a few times not been myself, but I've experienced grace. Now for some Friday highs...

My first Starbucks peppermint mocha of the season.
thank you, Chelsie!

Finding out a friend is pregnant. Congrats Ryan and Mara!!! (and happy birthday to you, as well!) Gives me slight baby fever, which made me reminisce on when Molly girl was in my belly....

My cousins, Jonathan and Bryse came to stay with us last night. Watching them play/interact with Molly was too fun.

Yesterday I completed FOUR Christmas presents.
And I'm super happy with how they turned out. That's a great feeling. :)

Tonight, Chris and I are going out on our first real date since Molly has been born.
I know, I know. That means it's been over FIVE months.
again, thank you, chelsie :)

That's all, my friends. Have a fantastic weekend.


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