Friday Highs.v14

The last few days have been pretty rough in the lane of Mommy-hood. I have found myself in all sorts of funks and feelings, along with major loads of mommy guilt.

I'll spare you all the details, lest they sound like complaints.
Instead, you will get a modified version of Friday Highs.
More of a long list of what I'm grateful for
(since I've been slacking on my "every day post something you're thankful for" promise.
Today I will play catch-up)

Today I am thankful that the sun is shining.

image found via weheartit.

I am thankful that Molly slept 45 minutes past when she usually wakes up
(my, how I needed that!)

how Molly fell asleep yesterday.

I am thankful for Chris's step-dad, who helped me build a CHRISTmas decoration for our house (can't wait to share with you!)

I am beyond thankful for all our musicians at church who help Chris and I in our ministry.

I am thankful for friends. Strong relationships are such a wonderful gift from God!

I am thankful for our home. Even though I sometimes dream of living in a cute little cottage/bungalow-ish home, I am truly thankful for a safe, warm place to call home.

Oh, how I dream!
image here. found via pinterest.

I am thankful that Chipotle now has brown rice! (ha ha, it's the little things)

I am thankful for dessert. I just might be addicted to sugar.
Check out these that Chelsie made last week. Oh my goodness.
My sweet tooth is going crazy right now!

image by Chelsie.

I know I say this a lot, but I am so incredibly thankful for my husband and his love to me.

One last one because Molly girl is waking up....
I am thankful that it's the weekend. That means Chris for two full days. *grin*

ps- this song makes me laugh. but I can't help but sing it every.single.friday.
and 6.5 million views- seriously?

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  1. amy-
    i totally get the "rough" part your referring to. Seems like i find myself in that place a LOT. If you ever want to talk, i'm here!