my heart is full

All my loves are sleeping. Chris is home sick from work. Hopefully it's just a cold, but he's trying to rest and help his body heal. Zoe is snuggled on a blanket, and Molly is peacefully wrapped in her bouncer.

My heart is so full of love. I cannot imagine life any other way. Thank you Lord for this season.

And a few Molly pics for you all...

first jam session with the boys.

being cute. *grin*


  1. so wonderful.

  2. I want to come see her so badly!!!!!! She needs to know who Brittany is because once I get a job I plan on spoiling her to death.

  3. hi amy! she is one cutie!! so much pretty hair! just making sure you got my email a few days ago, and wanting to say hello on your blog :)