Stir the Fry

When Chris and I decided that I'd be staying at home when Molly was born, I asked him what was the one thing or things that he wanted done or to see when he came home from work. His number one answer was for me to take care of Molly. And number two?


Some kind of plan for dinner, be that a gourmet spread (haha), something simple, or even take-out. Whatever it is, a plan for dinner. (and I guess if we're being technical, a follow-through to that plan).

So in my efforts to feed my husband, and someday children (when Molly is ready for people food, of course) I'd like to start sharing with you our Good Eats.

Not always a recipe, hopefully somewhat healthy, and down the road, something that is baby friendly as well.

First up, a classic: STIR FRY

What I put in ours:
Brown rice
Green peppers
Red peppers
Trader Joe's Soyaki Sauce (if you haven't tried this stuff, go buy it NOW!)

And that's it! Happy eating, everyone!


  1. So delicious- and it also reheats very well. Sony Yamaha Suzuki! -_-

  2. yay yay! i love recipe sharing! Looks amazing :)