Friday Highs.v31

We had our snacks on a blanket out back earlier this week, which Molly girl loved! After the fact, she played with the bowls and read stories. Good times.

Uncle Trav- this is one of her favorite books!


Did you see this picture? Yep, I'll post more later. But this whole setting was downright amazing.


I know I say it a lot, but snuggles with this little girl are pretty much amazing. Every single morning, she snuggles for at least 20 minutes, sometimes longer. Makes this mama's heart swell.


A Friday High forecast: lunch today with good friends. Cannot wait!


Overall, it's been a really good week. And it's been a while since I've said that. I believe that as a follower of Christ, we are to be filled with Joy at all times, regardless of circumstances. A lot of people confuse happiness and joy. They are not the same. 
All that to say, this week, I am happy

Happy weekend, friends!

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