Update #2: The stink.

Again, I should state, lack of stink.
Two years ago, I started making my own deodorant.
Last year, I gave you my first update.

This past year though, I've covered a little more turf. My body has now experienced pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding hormones. (And the return of Aunt Flo. TMI? Did you all need a warning before reading this post? Too bad. Such is the way of life. Quite literally.)

Moving on....

I really only noticed a slight change in my stink for a month or so after having Molly. Soon after, everything returned to normal. Which meant no smelliness. There were a couple of times that I thought about using "regular" deodorant, but I just decided to stick it out, and I'm sure glad I did. I guess our bodies just take a bit of time to regulate. 

So that's basically it. I still use it only every couple of days. Still works great. And I love that it's completely natural.

Interested in making your own? Here's the recipe:

¼ cup baking soda 
¼ cup arrowroot powder 
6-8 Tbsp coconut oil 

Mix is together and that's it. I store mine in an empty baby food container (my cute ceramic jar broke. Sad day.) and just spread a little bit on each pit. Good stuff, folks.


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