Meet Betty--Chris's Grandma. 

Betty is Chris's mom's mom. She got breast cancer and passed away very soon after Chris and I started dating in 2003. It pains me to think that I had the chance to meet her, but never did.

From everything he's told me, she was a strong woman. She was the glue to their family, and always looking to serve others. She loved Jesus and wanted her husband, kids, and grandkids to love Him too. 

After Chris's grandpa passed away last year, his mom and her sister started going through the house. His mom asked me if I would want some of her mom's old clothes to use for sewing projects. I felt so honored. It's like somehow, now after all these years, and even though we've never met, we're somewhat connected. Call me cheesy. It just makes me smile knowing what a special lady she was.

So fast forward to Mother's Day of this year. I knew just what to make Chris's mom. A quilted pillow using her mom's clothes.

in memory of Betty, of course.


  1. Amy, this is precious. I bet Debbie LOVED this. Such a special gift. You are gifted my dear!

  2. This is awesome Amy. How did Debbie like it?!

  3. that is amazing Amy. You are so thoughtful and SO talented!