Molly's room

It's about time, right? 
This is somewhat difficult for me, because a room is hardly ever "officially done". But I finally snapped a few pics of my favorite parts of my favorite part of the house.

This little birdie started out as pure decoration. However, he quickly turned into a quite functional door softener. 
(You know, so the door doesn't slam.)
Tutorial/pattern found here.

My dear friend Kylee made this sweet little birdie mobile before Molly girl was born. I absolutely love it.

I made all of her crib sheets using this tutorial.

My good friend Kara painted this birdie picture for Molly before she was born. Isn't is amazing?!?

Remember the awful dresser mishap
(Go check it out, seriously.) 
Well here's how it ended up turning out. 
By the way, this is Chris's dresser from his childhood.

My good friend Chelsie made this rolled rosette lamp shade for Molly. Isn't is amazing?? I have such talented friends. The picture is something my mom gave me when I was a teenager.

Again, my friend Chelsie. She made these beautiful flags for Molly girl for Christmas, and I of course had to hang them in her room.  

We took off the closet doors to make her closet more accessible, and hung curtains (ok, well, sheets) instead.

The crown is what I wore on our wedding day. 

This frame, as well as the gold frame hanging above her dresser, were found at a thrift store.

So there's just a few snapshots. Of course there are things I want to add and/or change, but it still makes me so happy to be in there. :) :)


  1. Oh my goodness...I love all of it! It looks great Ames! Seriously, so cute.

  2. so cute!! i love all those homemade things!!!

  3. Can I hire you to decorate my entire apartment/house please? And maybe a nursery a few years down the road?

  4. Thanks for sharin! It's beautiful! And so meaningful. Love the flags and lamp chels made!!! And the dresser!