Molly's Birthday *Day*

We had a fabulous day yesterday. Chris took off work so that we could spend the day celebrating our beautiful baby girl.

She woke up to balloons all over her room. 

After breakfast, we went to the zoo. This was Molly's first ever visit to the zoo!

The first animal we saw was a wolf. She loved it, although I think she thought it was a dog.

Watching the polar bear. We actually saw him jump off his rock into the water. Too fun!

After a couple of hours, she just couldn't keep up. :)

Thankfully, it was a perfect day--sunny with a slight breeze.

After lunch, Molly opened a few gifts from Mommy and Daddy.

New shades and a ball so Daddy can teach her to play catch.

Later in the day, we went to Graeter's and Molly enjoyed her first frozen treat (sorbet, since she can't have dairy). First, she tried strawberry, and gave the most hilarious face of displeasure. So mango it was! :)

She is ONE, people. ONE!! 

It is so difficult to put into words how this makes me feel. In one sense, I wonder where has the time gone? But in another sense, I am absolutely loving the little girl that she is becoming. Every new stage is amazing. I know I say this a lot, but it is seriously one of the greatest joys of my life watching her grow and learn.

Guess I just need another little baby so we can start all over again, huh?? ;)


  1. Yes you do!! ;-)

    Glad you had such a wonderful birthday with your little girl. She is beyond adorable. And I totally agree with it being bittersweet to watch your kids grow. Amazing how quickly they learn, but sad knowing each previous stage is gone. It's such a blessing!

  2. Aww can't believe your sweetie is 1!! What a fun day (: Happy 1st birthday Molly!
    PS Is baby #2 already baking?! Had to ask since you hinted (;