A year ago today...

I was very, very pregnant. Hoping this little girl would come before my birthday. No such luck. But my friends sure made my day fabulous. 

We had every intention of hanging out at the park. The guys were going to meet us there.

See us? Enjoying our food-less picnic.

Then the guys called and said it was going to storm.

Our response? 

You guys are pansies. Get over here and let's have some ice cream.

Then the tornado sirens went off. And we booked it home. :)

Here's my birthday cake. It reads: 

Happy Birthday Tornado.

I have some really awesome friends. Love you all so much. Thanks for making my birthday so special. 
(even though this was last year, hahaha)


  1. This is so fun to look back on and remember! It was an epic night! I can't believe that was Molly in there! So amazing. I hope this week of birthday celebration makes you feel just as loved as ever!:o)

  2. Aww! This is awesome- happy birthday!!!