Embrace the Camera

Hello world! It's me! I blog here, remember?? 
It's been a busy week, and blogging has just kind of been pushed to the back burner. 

I just love Emily's Embrace the Camera philosophy. And because I know that not all of you will click over to that (*grin*), I'll explain. So many times it's just us behind the camera snapping pics of our sweet babes. We don't want to be in the shot because our hair isn't done, or we don't have make-up on. But in 20 years, our kids won't care at all. They will want to see pictures of us together. So I've been trying to take more pics of me and Molly girl together, even if that just means photo booth. :)


  1. The last one is absolutely hilarious!!!!! Awesome!

  2. the last one is my favorite!!!