bunnies and peace.

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I’m not sure how well I will be able to articulate all of this, but Sunday night, my heart was broken on many different levels. Before ya’ll think I’m a nutcase, know that I tend to think of a lot of things spiritually and create parallels to Jesus.

So Sunday night when Chris came in from taking Zoe out (mind you, it is after midnight) he said, ‘pinker just flipped a baby bunny onto the sidewalk.’ I am in disbelief and must go see said bunny for myself. And then I saw it. Baby bunny with baby fur, eyes still shut, unable to walk, stranded from its home and all it has ever known in its short little life. It hobbled best it could but never made it more than an inch. As I stood on the sidewalk *tears streaming down my face* I knew we had to help this bunny back to its nest. 

So I grabbed the broom and dustpan, swept it up, and carefully laid him back in the grass. Chris followed by covering it up with the remainder of its nest (zoe ate the other part) and suggested we get some cotton balls so it can keep warm. The man is compassionate, I tell you. Same guy who cried at 16 after he thought he hit a squirrel with his car.


As I stared at the bunny that night, struggling to survive on its own, wanting to be back in its home, my thoughts went straight to Jesus. How unsafe, unsecure, and unpleasant it is to be away from His loving arms. Yet so many chose to do so, thinking they can make it on their own.  Watching the struggling bunny made me think of a God who watches us, broken-hearted when we stray from Him, tears streaming down His face, earnestly longing for His children to come home running to His arms. That night, God gave me a glimpse of His heart. Thank you, Lord, for that painful, but beautiful picture.

The next morning I ran out to check on our bunny. I immediately felt feelings of remorse that we hadn’t taken the bunny in to care for it, for it had not survived the cold night. I ran inside to Chris, who was still sleeping, and begged him to give it a proper burial. (thinking I’m a nutcase? That’s ok…) Later he told me there was a butterfly on the ground right by where he buried it, watching the whole entire time.  While we all face the reality of a 100% death rate, the bunny’s death was the perfect picture to me of the certain death we will face should we choose not to let ourselves be still in the arms of Jesus.

But ya’ll, I am so thankful the story doesn’t end there. Last night I was practicing piano and Chris came running in. “You’re not gonna believe this. There are more bunnies.” Sure enough, zoe sniffed out some more bunnies. From what we could see, there are at least four. They are precious. New life. Safe and secure in their nest. I found out today that mother bunnies leave their babies in their nest all day and come back to feed them only at night. And that milk is enough to sustain them through the whole day until their next feeding, the next night. What a beautiful picture of how our Lord sustains us.


I know that many of my readers know the peace that comes from being held in the arms of Jesus, but just in case there are some lurkers out there that don’t, I must share.

Consider this quote. (author unknown)

Peace: it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart.

Although I’m not entirely sure what the author meant when he wrote it, I am absolutely positive that this peace comes only from knowing Jesus.

Consider this song. Listen to the words. Hear and respond.

Oh heart of mine, why must you stray?
From one so fair you run away
And one more time you have to pay
The heaviness of needless shame

Oh heart of mine, come back home
You've been too long out on your own
And He's been there all along
Watching for you down the road

So come home running
His arms are open wide
His name is Jesus
He understands 
He is the answer
You are looking for
So come home running
Just as you are

Oh child of God so dearly loved
And ransomed by the Savior's blood
And called by name, Daughter and Son
Wrapped in the robe of righteousness


Isaiah 26:3 (New International Version)

       You will keep in perfect peace 
       him whose mind is steadfast, 
       because he trusts in you.


  1. wow. i am speechless. how inspiring!

    i'm speechless except for the part about chrus crying at 16 about a squirrel! hahahahahahaha!

  2. You speak words of truth that are just awe inspiring.