Handmade/Local Week: Some Random Favorites

In honor of the craft show this weekend 
(read more about that here), 
I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite handmade shops and local shops this week. 


Up next: a slew of my favorites from the online world. 
Please, please, please, click through to these links and check out these amazing shops and shop owners. 
Keep in mind upcoming birthdays, and of course, Mother's Day!
Support local and support handmade! :)


Melody Joy Designs
Melody's shop here.
And her blog here.


Blossom & Vine
Aly's shop here.
Aly's blog here.


Amy Cornwell
Amy's shop here.
Amy's blog here.

"For every hope is the key necklace sold, 20% will be given to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society"
(for the month of May)


Katygirl Designs
Katy's shop here.
Katy's blog here.


  1. such great finds! thanks for sharing! love the blog..xo

  2. Definitely have to check out these great locals!