it was six eleven

and i finally got out of bed after about 45 minutes of snoozing. ugh. Time to rush to get ready, again. As if I weren't already running behind, I decide to touch up my toenails so I can show off my new shoes (black peep-toe heels)  :). Great idea, right? Well apparently, I forgot to screw the cap on last time I did this, and you girls know how you grab the top of the bottle and give it a little swat in your palm a few times?  I don't even think I know why I do that. Maybe is that just how we're taught? Anyway, I did that. With the top unscrewed. See photos. 

Please someone tell me why practically all of it ended up on my hands! Why not on the tile floor where it's super easy to clean up? And please note: This is not what my hands looked like, as in past tense. These are present tense, currently what they are looking like. 
But ya know? End result was all the same. My toenails are painted and they look cute. *grin* And for those of you who know me pretty well, be pleasantly surprised that when this happened, I laughed. Yes, laughed. And grabbed the camera. Normally I probably would have screamed out of anger and thrown the rest of the nail polish up against the wall. 
Ok ok ok, I should have been at work like, 10 minutes ago, so peace and love ya'll! screw the caps of your nail polish on!!!!! :)


  1. Oh goodness friend, I just had to laugh at your post because I could totally picture the whole incident. Reminds of me when it just started to mysteriously downpour in our bathroom one day and we were running around trying to clean up all the water.

  2. that's SO funny!
    only you, my amy.
    I LOVE YOU! :)

  3. ha ha ha!!
    only you, my amy!!
    i wish i could have been there to laugh at you and get my socks out!! :) i miss you!