my new granny white

if anyone remembers when i said goodbye to granny white, you'll remember it was a somewhat bitter-sweet day. i loved that drive to and from work. it was peaceful. serene. when i think of that drive i think worship and prayer. driving through a forest (quite literally...forest hills) with one quaint little gas station called Granny White Market.

Ok, wow. I miss Nashville.

Anyway, I think I found my new Granny White. It's called Riverside Drive. Google has no sort of cool picture, and it's definitely not equivalent to good 'ole GW, but it'll do. There are trees lining the street, but they're definitely not covering the road; it's two lanes, but definitely busier; and there are lots of beautiful homes, most definitely like granny's. *grin* I guess the one difference is this. It's called Riverside because there's a river running by it's side! haha. Imagine that.

bottom line. i love driving too and from work. really, too and from anywhere. but my car when i'm in it alone is my safe place. where i can have good quiet time to think, pray, and just be still.

today i'm dreaming about making this. : D


  1. <3 this post girlie. Love you too, mucho love lol.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I look forward to reading yours (: Love finding new blogs and making friends (: Blessings!

  3. awe... i hope you make one for zoe! :)
    he he!! i love you!!
    -kara joy