Baby, baby: 13 weeks

Not the greatest of pictures, I know. But for documentation purposes of the belly, it works, right? :)

I never did this when I was pregnant with Molly, but for this little one, I'd like to at least keep up with these little questionnaires every couple of weeks or so. 

How far along: 13 weeks. Second trimester, baby!

Baby's size: a peach.
Sleep: Great.
Maternity Clothes: Only a few pairs of pants. My regular ones still fit (unbuttoned with a hair elastic and a belly band) but maternity pants are just way more comfortable.
Food cravings: I've been wanting salads a lot more lately, but I'm not positive that it's attributable to pregnancy.
Food aversions: Pizza. Burgers. Most things that sit heavy. Ick!
Symptoms I have: Honestly, none. This pregnancy has been perfect so far!
Doctor’s Appointment: We have one this week. Hopefully we'll get to hear the heartbeat :)

Movement: I've felt tiny flutters, but not every day yet. I can't wait to start feeling movement more regularly.

Gender: Feeling like it's a boy. Having dreams that it's a boy. We'll see! And for what it's worth, Chris and I honestly do not care either way! We just want a healthy baby. :)
What I’m looking forward to: Big, strong baby kicks.
What I miss: Nothing, really.

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