Phone pics

Life lately 

(as in, like, the last month. because I realize I've become pretty bad at keeping up with this blog. insert sad face here)

via cell phone pictures. :)


Finding out how much fun cassette tape is:

Baby #2 bump several weeks ago. It's definitely grown since this pic!
Also, random sidenote: we find out in TWO weeks if it's a boy or girl! yah!

She loves sticks!

Garden fresh veggies from a dear lady at church:

Family nature walk:

She loves the sling. 
And I do too. :)

It's especially handy when little miss wants to be held but mama needs to make dinner!


  1. You are so stinking cute!! I can't wait to hear if you are having a boy or a girl!

    I love my sling too, but I think it will get easier to use once I can do the hip carry. I love to see that you are still using yours!

  2. Just found your blog! What an exciting year you have to look forward to:)