Handmade/Local Week: Payne's Restaurant

In honor of the craft show this weekend 
(read more about that here), 
I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite handmade shops and local shops this week. 


Payne's Restaurant, though locally owned, is very unfortunately not local to me. However, we were in the area (Marion-ish, Indiana) this past weekend and had lunch here. And let me tell you, we were NOT disappointed! In fact, it probably ranks in Chris and I's top five eats of all times. 
Woo too for discovering a diamond in the rough!

The restaurant's website here.
Review on urban spoon here.

Their menus were in the middle of these old books. So fun!

My amazing sandwich. Apples, apple butter, walnuts, and brie cheese. And lots of spinach! :)

The waitress brought us our bill in this old recipe box.

Many thanks to my adventurous hubby for finding Payne's Restaurant. I love that he loves to explore fun, new places!

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  1. This place looks awesome Amy! Thanks for sharing! -Kevin