Life Lately, as told through pictures

Brother/Sister Duo.

She is loving that he sleeps in her room now. 
I think he likes it too. :)

Ya know, bonding. 

Girlfriend loves her an ice cream cone. 

I feel like I'm getting a small glimpse of what Molly is going to look like as a teenager here. *hold me*

Swimming with Grama.

Trying out some food. He gets SO excited and flails his hands in the air. :) 

Rejoicing with friends that have welcomed their sweet baby boy into the world.

I cannot even handle the sweetness....

Experimenting with homemade almond milk. The french press method didn't quite work for me, but I'm hoping to keep trying and find the right way!

This morning I tried to explain to Molly the difference between a CD and a DVD. I told her she had a CD in her hand and that we hear the music with our ears...

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. I love your family and I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. The kids are so adorable! Blessed to have you and Chris as friends :)

  2. aww I just loved these!! You seriously get the greatest pics of them!