SIX months

Oh Coop. Where do I even begin your six month post? 

(Well, first, I read Molly's. Here. Wow, that seems like forever ago.)

You are a lot like me--you live in the extremes of life. When you're happy, you're really happy. But when you're mad, well, you're really mad. 

You have quite possibly the best smile I've ever seen. Your face can light up the entire room. And your laugh. Oh, your laugh. You  are super ticklish, and your sister can really make you giggle.

But--how do I say this?--you've been quite the challenge. I'm fairly certain I've changed more in the last six months than I have in my entire life. You've driven me to my knees in a way that nothing else has up to this point in my life.

You've taught me more about being a parent than I had learned with Molly. You've been quite the opposite of her, throwing me for a loop in that some of the things we'd done with her, well, they don't exactly "work" with you. (I imagine we'll be running into that a whole lot more!) :)

Ya know, it's hard to necessarily put the blame on one thing, because it's not just you. It's been tough with daddy in school, learning how to adjust to two kids, and your big sister Molly entering a new phase of toddler-dom. :) 

These last six months have stretched us, to say the least. But my love for you has grown more than I ever thought possible. You are SO special to me, Coop-scoop. I cannot imagine our family without you. 

love always, your mama.


....and of course, some more pictures. :)

for funnsies...both kids at 6 months:


  1. Can't believe he's 6 months old! Such a cutie!

  2. Let me just say Amy, i LOVE your honesty. And I totally empathize with you. Cora sounds a lot like Mr. Cooper.
    Wish we lived closer.