Life IN Jesus

God made him who had no sin
to be sin for us
so that in him
we might become the righteousness of God.
2 Corinthians 5:21


Whoa. That's a verse I have to read over and over again to fully comprehend the fullness of it. And still, whoa. 

I was talking with a friend yesterday about temptation and sin and how it seems that we each have our own thing or things that we're tempted by.

And this morning, as I read this verse, 
I'm reminded of how much I need Him

Every moment of every hour, I need Him! 
I think that's what this verse means when it says, 

in Him. 

When we are in Him, constantly abiding, that's when we're becoming more and more like Jesus, 
able to live in victory over our sins!!

And this is the Gospel, my friends. The Good News. 
We can live a victorious life in Jesus! 
Praise Him!


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