Cooper is ONE!

My little Cooper. Today you turn one. ONE!

I remember your Birth Day so vividly. (One of these days I'll finish all the details of your birth story and get around to posting that)

You big sister Molly was head over heels in love with you from the moment she saw you. 

You were a tough little guy when you were first born. By this face, you'd never know it!

Mommy had a tough time transitioning to two kids. But we learned so much about each other every day. Mommy grew closer to Jesus, and we are all better now because of it.

Since the very day you started smiling, you could light up a whole room with your smile. It's just that contagious. 

See what I mean? :)

Daddy and Mommy started looking for a house in the summer. I thought this one was meant to be....

We were so excited when the weather got nicer. That meant playing outside, which we did a LOT!

In July we traveled to Indiana for Travis and Elizabeth's wedding. You were the most handsome man of them all, if I do say so myself. 

You and Molly started sharing a room sometime in the summer. This went over very well. She sleeps through all your crying! ;)

A happy little pumpkin....

You and Molly play so well together. It makes my mama heart swell so big to hear the two of you giggle together. I am in love with the bond you share. 

My sweet Cooper. This past year has brought me so much joy. I am so happy to be your mama. Happy first birthday, buddy. Hope your day is full of happiness. :)

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  1. YAY!! Happy Birthday Cooper!!! :) Miss you and love you!!
    ps. Love all the pics Amy!!