it's called refashioning...

and you could say i'm unofficially trying this challenge. so cool, right? saves money and the environment. awesome. so here's my latest...

thrifted sweater from my mom's brother's wife's mother *grin* i took it to use the cute rhinestone buttons, but then realized i needed a black sweater to winterize this dress for a wedding next month. 

so i grabbed this glittery fabric my mom bought for my wedding, and ended up with this! 

and second...sorry i forgot to take the before shot before i started cutting. hahaha...
green sweater from a long time ago that hasn't gotten much wear.

new vest with ruffles! yeah!

ps- sweater is hard to sew. don't look close at the seams *grin*

and that's it for now. now back to trying my hand at crocheting a mitten. yes, i'll admit. eric, i want to impress you. hopefully they'll turn out halfway decent. 
enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  1. hey, i'm already impressed! the clothes you have been doing look really good :)

  2. gah! i want to do that! that is so great!
    awesome amy!

  3. amy! you're amazing!!
    i want to be like you...
    did you get a sewing machine?
    or are you doing all this by hand?
    man, i MISS YOU!!!
    i so wish we were closer.
    i'll be in ft. wayne on the 20th...
    but then have to go back that night. :(
    i don't know when i'll ever see you again...
    and that makes me SO sad!!!!!!!
    i love you!
    -your kara

  4. you are amazingly creative. you're soo good at everyhing you do.

    i wish we were neighbors. love you!