Word of the day: gentleness.

Earlier this morning I had the word gentleness impressed upon on my heart. It’s like I was doing my work and then I just saw/heard the word; maybe The Word?

Anyway, I guess I’m struggling with this because I see two different scenarios, if you will. God has created each one of us with our own, individual personalities, which are wonderful and allow the world to go ‘round.  However, we are also commanded to live by the Spirit, and live out His fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Wow, what a high calling. I have to take a deep breath after I read those and literally think of what those mean lived out.

So here’s where I struggle. My natural, God-given personality is basically the opposite of at least half of those fruits. 

So here God has given me this personality, but He’s also given me a calling/command, which I know I cannot ignore simply because of my ‘personality.’ Well, Our God is not a God of confusion, but of order and peace. So that leaves me with this: my faults and shortcomings that cause me to displays attitudes and actions that are not of the Spirit are because the nature of the race of man is sinful. Now granted, certain aspects of my personality don’t really help my sinful nature, but then again certain aspects of my personality allow me to display some of the fruits with perhaps a little more ease than others. That’s where it’s different for everyone.  

But I still hold strong to the belief that no matter what our personalities, and regardless of our sinful nature, we still have the high command and calling from God to lead a Spirit-filled life. And that means displaying the fruit for all to see.

So back to my word. Gentleness. For some reason, I’ve been thinking today that (for me personally), if I can strive (slash pray of course) for gentleness, than the other fruit that I lack will fall into place. When I think of the word gentle, my heart slows to a different pace, which allows me to think more clearly, thus allowing me to have more self-control, to think before I speak, which affects my abilities to love, have peace, and display kindness. It also helps me breathe a little deeper when my patience is wearing thin. (those of you who know me know that that happens rather quickly) J

So I want to ponder more on this word, gentleness. I want to pray that the Holy Spirit might change me to become more like my Jesus. Anyone with me?


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  1. i love this thought. you are a wise one amy D.