meet my best friend...

Seam Ripper. At least for this project anyway. So good to me, he's worthy of a picture *grin*

i bought this dress at the thrift store a while back.  a little big, i know (pardon the bird's nest hair and spacey look...). I planned on making something else out of this wonderful linen fabric, but then had some inspiration...

and here's what came of it :) many, many, many seams were ripped out, as I totally freestyled this, but i'm pretty happy with the way it came out! it's actually not totally complete, the sweater i'm wearing is to hide the zipper in the back, which came out 3 times. yep. and it still looks like poo. mom...i need you here to show me :(  but overall...i'm happy. brand new dress for a couple bucks :) more to come. i have many more ideas :)


  1. oh my gosh amy!!! that looks awesome!
    you are so crafty!

  2. amy you are so thrifty and wonderful!
    i miss you more than the ocean!!!

  3. Amy. . .I LOVE IT!!! Looks great on you too!! Takes a little time to get the hang of zippers. . .and buttonholes. . .but like everything else. . .practice makes perfect *grin* Love you, sweetie!!