hold me accountable!

finally, a post! eek, it's been super long, I know.  see there's this thing called work, anyone know what i mean? *sigh*

but tonight, hubby is gone, and I am determined to get a lot done. task list for the weekend includes at least 3 spring cleaning projects, and wrapping up several surprise projects that should have been mailed out a long time ago! so hopefully this post will hold me accountable to that. *grin*

i'll leave you with a pic of me and my recent creation. I've wanted to make this wreath ever since I saw these by fabK....

I then of course, saw Miss Elsie's wreath, and her butterflies struck me perfect for spring. 

At last, my yarn-wrapped wreath, bearing a twig from outside and a couple of crocheted butterflies.

a close-up, blurry shot. or rather, a cropped version of the previous photo. have a mentioned we need a new camera? *grin*

Happy Spring Everyone!!!!