it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing!

howdy ya'll. it's been a while, i know. i miss my blog, i really do. 
for now here's some of my latest refashions, all pullovers, er, i mean, cardigans. *grin*

remember last month when the hubby shrunk one of my favorite sweaters? it was accident, i know. anyway, i cut off the sleeves. does that even count as a refashion? i think a five year old could do that. whatever...i like the look. and i couldn't get a good pic, so i thought hey, i'll eat a brownie. *grin*

another 'just cut off the sleeves'. but i hated these sleeves. i repeat i hated them. they made my arms so so itchy. some days i'd wear it anyway and just think i could deal with it. and i couldn't. so i just cut them off. but i'm really happy with the result. here's me showing of my guns, i mean, showing the length of the sleeves. haha.

ok, this one is probably my favorite, i'm not gonna lie. this one is an anthropologie knock-off.  first, quick story about anthropologie: once when mom was visiting us in Nashville we went to that store and walked around a bit. as we were walking out, i made the comment that i could probably not have a problem spending thousands of dollars in that store. to which my mom replied, 'really? cuz i probably couldn't even spend five!!!' haha. mom, i love ya!
anyway, here's the original, that costs about $118.

and here's mine. i had the sweater, and the lace cost me maybe a dollar? 

and that's all folks! i'd better get cooking, chris will be home soon. love that boy!!! 
have a super night!


  1. You're so talented Amy, can you come and refashion some of my clothes, I definitely need a new look. Hey what do you cook for Chris, I'm always looking for new recipes!

  2. o my goshhhhhhh!! i freaking love the anthro sweater! sooo cute! you're soo good. next time, you can crochet the lace... right... haha ;-) i am so excited to see you!

  3. brittany- i'd love to refashion some of your clothes, just send them my way. maybe i'll send you some of my recipes. i've had something for you sitting in my living room for oh i don't know...way too long. hopefully i'll deliver it sometime soon. :)

    ky- you are way too sweet. i can't freaking wait to see you.

  4. you are freakin AMAZING, amy!!
    that sweater is so great! i love it!
    you're so great at refashoning!!
    and i can't WAIT to see the dress you wore yesterday for easter!! i'm sure it's fantastic!! i love you and miss you!! :)