coming soon...

Edit: I am so sad to say this....When I was originally making plans for my shop, I simply typed the name I wanted into the search bar in etsy. When I didn't find anything, I assumed I could use the name: ADCreations. When I went to register today, I sadly found out that this name is already taken. What a bummer. I should have waited to make the announcement. HOWEVER, I am still totally excited and will for sure have a shop opening by the end of the month. I'm off to conjure up a new name!

That's right. My etsy shop will finally be opening. My goal is to have it up and running this month. So be on the lookout, and tell your friends! I'll be sharing more soon, including sneak previews of the items I'll be selling, the meaning behind my name, and my business practices, so to speak.

Stay tuned!


  1. Great blog! :P what about AmyDCreations?


  2. woooo-freaking-hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait!